Belinda’s Blog ~”Why So Positive?”

For those who follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you are probably aware that I try to keep my posts and tweets inspirational, humorous, and positive.  Someone recently asked me how I could be so “up” all the time.  It’s simple just because I am a happy person doesn’t mean my life is perfect it just means that I choose not to focus on the negative things in my life.  I guess the more trials I am faced with the more I realize that there are some things in life I can’t control; but what I can control is how I react to them.  I can choose to react to things in a pessimistic, fearful way, which just adds to the burden, or I can try to see the positivity and humour in a situation. Don’t get me wrong I have my moments and after 11 years, my husband knows not to bug me before my first cup of coffee in the morning (lol)but I have learned to laugh at my mistakes and realize they were just an opportunity to learn.   In the past, I had the opportunity to work with people who were ill or dying and the one thing I noticed is that some of those people were the most positive, funny, interesting people I had ever met.   They had chosen to spend their recuperation or final days focusing on the positive things, spending their time laughing, feeling inspired and living the life they felt they missed out on before their diagnosis.   I used to feel an overwhelming sadness when I would work with these people, how it “wasn’t fair” but as one of them pointed out I should see the positive and use this as a lesson on how to live now “because you never know when it will be your last day”.  This was the most valuable life lesson I have ever been taught and it is something I am learning more and more about every day!


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