Wow, another Honour: I was awarded the Social Sista award from FlairCreativ

I recently received a message from Lora Fisher of FlairCreativ telling me she had a surprise for me. A few hours later, I received a wonderful message stating that I was one of FlairCreativ’s Social Sista Award winners! Wow, what an honour coming from a talent like Lora!

Lora, who calls Salem, Oregon home, is an accomplished writer, editor, artist, photographer, landscape designer, creative director and is owner of FlairCreativ. I am at a loss for words (which, doesn’t happen often) and feel so honoured that she chosen me as one of the recipients of the Social Sista Awards.

As part of being a recipient of this award, I have to pass this award on to five other Social Sistas, those who share their unique, creative, authentic voices to promote a creative and supportive online community.
My list of SocialSista Award Winners! 🙂

(There are so many it was so hard to pick just five! ~ If you aren’t on this list, don’t worry you are all my favs and inspire me every day!!)

 1. Lora Fisher ~ , The person who in fact granted me this award is also a major inspiration for me. Lora is a smart, sassy and talented woman who always impresses me with her amazing insights and brilliant work, this list would not be complete without her.
2. Amber Meadows ~ , mother , wife, writer and the talented “queen of blogging”. Amber is a wonderful, beautiful woman who inspires, supports and motivates all that know her!
 3. Melissa Foster ~ , a successful author and the guru of social networking for authors. Melissa tirelessly works to promote writers. Her site is a hub for indie writers to network and promote their work.
 4. Claire Theriot Mestepey writer and entrepreneur Claire writes a heart-felt and humourous account of living a life with cerebral palsy. She is an inspiration who never fails to make a person smile. Claire is also launching her new business
 5. Sylvia McGrath ~ Last but not least, my main inspiration:  author, poet, my business partner, and proud to say…my Mom. One of the strongest, most inspiring people I have known, She has always taught me to support others, cherish my creative dreams, and work hard to achieve my goals!

“You absolutely rock.
You support, motivate, and inspire me.
Keep on rockin’ and do it ’til your last breath.
Keep believing in yourself and sharing your voice.
Never give up or give in. Hold onto your dreams. 
Keep your heart open.
If you hit a rough patch, do not hesitate to ask for help.
You are making this world a better place”
~ Lora Fisher, FlairCreativ