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We interrupt this blog schedule to bring you a very special blossom blog entry. Many of you have expressed interest in my new website, so I wanted to give everybody an update.

     I got this great quote. I really wish that I could take full credit but a college friend came up with it. She was very excited to hear about my new website and described my new venture as “Women opening businesses is good, women in wheelchairs doing it is even better.” That’s really why two months ago I decided to start this website. I think I finally realized I’m not going to get the corner office, unless I own the building. And even then it’s still iffy. There are a few bullies on my board of Devotetees. Yes I chose the board, it’s just that they are so darn cute.

     So that’s me, Claire the  one-woman task master of Plus of course a social media/designer goddess, two incredible artists and a super geek who advise and guide me. They probably have a forwarding email inbox entitled “Claire’s stupid questions.” which surprisingly I’m ok with and will be forever indebted to them. My motivation to take the plunge in my new business was simple. I was so tired of being judge by my severe disability by potential employers, that I finally decided to take my lemons and just invest in a lot of sugar. combines a few of my favorite things. My love of humor, my quest for cute T-shirts, my appreciation of brilliant artists and my determination as a severely disabled woman to find new ways to express myself in ways other than speech. Read More…A Very Special Blossom Blog – the Devotetees Website.