Weekly Writing Spark~May 7th||

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and to pay homage to Moms all over the world I am dedicating this spark to those amazing women who brought us into the world.

What is one  of the most memorable moments you shared with your Mom?
Is it a once in a lifetime event or a ritual the two of you shared?

If you are fortunate enough to still have your Mom with you, share this memory with her, and if sadly, she has passed, do this to honour her memory.

Reflect and write!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Spark~May 7th||”

  1. Belinda, thank you for this tribute to Moms – One of my fondest memories of my mother was the visit she paid me in August of 1963 at Great Lakes Naval Training Center while I was in Radar school.
    Her visit was the 1 year anniversary of the passing of my Dad.


  2. My father pass away five years ago, so I stared to take my mother on a trip each year with her, we are going to Los Angeles and Vegas this year. It’s a fun thing to do and we will share this for years. And you do you have something to share about your mom.


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