Weekly Writing Spark~June 18th|| via

You are quietly playing your favourite video game when all of a sudden you lose consciousness.  When you wake up, something just doesn’t seem right, actually things seem very wrong.  All of a sudden, you make the realization that you have in fact woken up inside of the game!  Write about your adventures and attempts to get back to your real world. Do you get shot at or do have to move around huge chess pieces?

                                                                                    Get creative and have fun!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Spark~June 18th|| via”

  1. When I first read your lead-in I couldn’t help to reflect on warnings to epileptics. Maybe that could be a twist on the story. 30 and 60 Hz flickering can trigger seizures, not so common with non-interlace HD TV but games may generate other events at that rate. Just a thought.


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