Review of “Closed Doors, A Trilogy” by Rich Weatherly

I was thrilled to get an advanced copy of Rich Weatherly’s soon to be released “Closed Doors, A Trilogy”.

This debut collection brings together stories that will appeal to many, both the thrill seekers and those who enjoy clean, unpretentious prose and impeccable story telling. Each story resonates in a fresh, yet well-honed voice and are connected by generations of the Wells Family. These stories take the reader on a journey of discovery and a glimpse into human nature, which goes beyond location, or time. Written in a descriptive and well-crafted narrative, it is close to impossible to put the book down before finishing each story which, in my opinion, is a journey which is well-worth taking.

“Toxic Situations, A Novella”, is a fast-paced thriller that leads the reader from Atlanta to Australia on the hunt for stolen capsules containing a deadly avian flu virus. We follow the adventures of CDC agent Craig Wells Jr. as he and his partner travel the globe battling warring organized crime figures that are determined to sell them to the highest bidder or unleash the deadly virus.

In “Family Secrets”, the reader is invited to a family gathering where the stage is set for an unfolding tragedy and the discovery of the horrid truth about the secrets hidden by seemingly happy families.

In the final story of the trilogy, “Thrills at the Esplanade Cinema”, a unique tale unfolds.  What begins as an innocent daily occurrence has the potential to become a life-ending event that stays with the protagonist.

After reading Rich Weatherly’s “Closed Doors: a Trilogy”, I am convinced that he is an extremely talented writer who has some fascinating stories to tell. His ability to craft interesting characters and intrigue you with compelling plots while maintaining such a high standard of writing throughout, is brilliant and the mark of a true storyteller.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and cannot wait to read his future work; he definitely has a fan in me.

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