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Every family has at least one quirky member who has an outrageous story.  You know the sort of tale, the story that seems to be told at almost every family gathering.

Revisit a story that various family members have told and retold.  Use this story as inspiration for a piece of fiction.  Can you expand on it?  Use your imagination and think of details and dialog that would add to the story.

Get creative and have fun! 🙂


“The Most Inspiring Blogger Award”

Over the weekend I received a message saying that the very multi-talented Solitaire Parke of has nominated me for “The Most Inspiring Blogger Award”!

Solitaire Parke, is a wonderfully gifted writer, author, poet, professional photographer, graphic artist and a truly genuine spirit. I am truly honoured that he has nominated me for this award.

The rules of acceptance for this award nomination are as follows: Share 7 things about yourself and nominate 7 bloggers who inspire you!
The 7 things about myself which I would like to share with you are:

  • I am happily married to my best friend, he is my soul-mate and my rock (plus it doesn’t hurt that he likes my cooking and laughs at my jokes! LOL).
  • I have an extremely optimistic, quirky and direct sense of humour which is usually always present but often rears its head during stressful times.
  • I am a true nerd, I love learning new things and researching topics of interest such as creativity, art therapy, neuroscience, archaeology, spirituality, books, art, music…well pretty much everything and anything. I know more useless facts than anyone probably should.
  • I love to collect vintage/antique cameras, typewriters, and fountain pens. I like to think of the wonderful words and images that were captured by their previous owners.
  • I am totally enthralled by the creative process and in addition to writing, I am also an artist, crafter and amateur photographer.
  • I have a coffee and chai tea addiction, people are painfully aware they are not to talk to me until I’ve had my first cup! 😉
  • I love music and have very eclectic tastes, I listen to everything from Jazz to Punk. I am also my husband’s bass roadie and #1 fan.

The 7 fabulous bloggers I choose to nominate are all extremely talented and giving bloggers; in no particular order:


It was such a difficult decision ~ there are so many more that should be on this list, so please don’t feel bad if you’re not included! You’re all my favourites!

Again, I am honoured and would like to thank Solitaire for nominating me! Please stop by and check out his blog

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!