Weekly Writing Spark~October 29th, 2012 || via

With Hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast, it serves as a reminder of how powerful nature is. We often overlook the fact that in mere seconds we can be brought to ruins and humbled by nature.

Write about what happens when we lose sight of mother nature’s wrath.

Reflect and write

1 thought on “Weekly Writing Spark~October 29th, 2012 || via”

  1. At this point it is too early to speculate about the extent of losses yet to come from this storm named Sandy, Yet, already a replica of the HMS Bounty has become a casualty. Sailing south from New England she lost steerage and unable to maintain a safe heading started sailing in circles. As a result, waves washed over the deck, entered the hull and the sump pumps were unable to keep up with the flooding.
    Last report, Bounty was sinking and two crewmen were missing. Wind and angry seas still have the power to exact a horrible toll,


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