Interview with Artist ~Patricia Boyd Roldan

This week I was fortunate enough to interview the wonderfully talented and inspiring artist, Patricia Boyd Roldan to find out about her artistic journey and what inspires her 

Patricia Roldan

Tell us a little about yourself and your work.
I served in the Air Force for 16 years as an aircraft mechanic on C-130’s, and had been stationed in the Philippines for a few years. Here, the dynamics of the tropical landscape took its foothold, although I hadn’t realize it yet. After retiring from the USAF, I enrolled in college for Graphic Design, having to take Painting 101 and Color Theory in order to graduate. These two classes changed my career path, but again, I hadn’t realize it yet. I wasn’t a painter at this point, although I had been an artist since childhood. What these classes did was teach me how to get the images from my imagination’s eyes onto a physical canvas through paint. A Liquitex representative was part of the Painting 101 curriculum, and she spent an entire class teaching us properties and techniques of acrylics. Once I had this information and instruction, it really did erode the intimidation I had once felt with paints and brushes.

The Sentinel  24 x 24"   acrylic
The Sentinel
24 x 24″ acrylic

What does “being creative” mean to you?
For me, creativity is the ability to express conceptually and emotionally. I’m a detail-oriented person, and I see and think very meticulously. Maybe that’s why I chose mechanics in the military. My color palette also allows me to get loud without being noisy. I’m actually very shy, and my bold palette choices seem to be able to speak for me.

Is there a message you are trying to convey through your art?
My work isn’t just about brightly colored botanicals. Many of my pieces are quite emotional for me, and have taken me through some pretty rough patches. I was in a violent marriage where I had no voice and very low self-esteem. Once out of the relationship, I began painting with my heart. My bold colors were the confidence I lacked, becoming my voice. Colors represented sometimes anger, sometimes pain. More and more now though, they express a confidence I haven’t known in years. I’m also exploring our birth through death cycle, using botanicals. I’ve always loved and respected our elderly, and I attempt to show their elegance and wisdom through dried leaves or flowers, how they wither, wrinkle, and fade away, but leaving wonderful impressions and color transitions along the way. My images look deeply into the heart of my subjects, eliciting conversations in a photo-realist style.

Where do you find inspiration?
Thankfully I don’t have to go far for my inspiration, especially living in Florida. What I see are intricate patterns, how the light plays with them, or how many hues and values are within a single color of green ferns. Even their defects are important to me, as I do personalize my subjects.

Lines Of The Elderly 12 x 12"  acrylic
Lines Of The Elderly
12 x 12″ acrylic

Do you have any creative routines or rituals? 
The only ritual I really have is to ask God to bless my hands and my artwork each time I pick up my brush. I find this gives me confidence to create.

What is the best advice you have received with regards to creativity?
The best advice I ever received was, even if pressed for time, devote at least one hour a day to your craft. I’ve followed this, and it was a game changer for me. It taught me more respect and discipline for my profession. Even if I don’t work on any particular piece, it allows me to play with the paints, sometimes just breaking the tensions of the day.

Best piece of advice you could offer an aspiring artist?
Any aspiring artist should never be afraid to ask questions, and never be afraid to seek out and actually listen to constructive criticisms from other professionals. Take what you need, discard what you don’t, and tuck away little bits until later. Learn what makes you tick and exploit it.

Where can we find your work?

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Patricia for taking time out of her busy schedule to share with us a little about her life and her beautiful work. Please take some time to check out her work…you will be truly inspired! 🙂