Interview with Indie Author ~ Eri Nelson

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to interview Indie Author and Owner/Creator of #WROTM~”Supporting Authors One Read at a Time” the wonderful and generous Eri Nelson!

Eri Nelson Pic

Welcome Eri!

Tell us a little about yourself. When did your interest in writing begin?

Writing in my belief is like many art forms. You are typically born with the imprint and in time, the passion is grown out of moments in your life. So with that said… I can honestly say that I have been writing most of my life. My first start outside of poems was a romance I had written at sixteen. Nevertheless, the focus then was more sidetracked than now (lol).

As I grew a life with my husband, my writing grew. This first sprouting came in the form of Christmas cards, which expanded over time into three hundred a year. Within each card came a short story that bared my name.

It was not until my daughter was coming up on graduating high school that I thought “Well I am not an at home Mom now”. With that looming idealism rolling around in my mind, it became clear that it was time to start something I never thought I could before.

Tell us about your writing style. I have read that you call yourself “non-traditional”, how so?

(She smirks wickedly with a slight giggle) Yes, that is how I refer to myself as well as a few other things. (lol) When I say “Non-traditional”, I mean many things. They range from my presence, format, follow through, terminology of what Indie means to me, covers, as well as the twist and turns of my own words.

To explain this I will have to back up a tad to relate how the notice of my style appeared.

“Destiny Repeats Twice” was a book that started it all. It was that idea that gave me hope to look beyond that ‘at home mom’ who did a little bit of college and always the part time job that fit around everyone’s schedules. This was me fulfilling something I never thought I could. And although it was a dream fulfilled, it sat on a shelf for a year with my husband nagging me to do something with it (lol). However, it would wait a tad longer when I saw a call out for 10-15 thousand word shorts by a multitude of authors to go under one cover. The premise was for a paranormal and it sparked something far different in me from “Destiny Repeats Twice”.

The short was written and submitted and although it was turned down due to being untraditional, I did not understand then exactly why. I just assumed it was my story line. It would not be until the series of 15 thousand words turned into another coming in at a little over 24 thousand and another over 30 thousand that it would be more clearer to me.

DHC, “Dearhart Clan Series” are short fast-paced reads that gain in length with each book. The fourth will be around 40 thousand and shape the beginning of a new series “INK”. These will be all around 40 thousand and stay true to a darker intent that I always felt the books to have. It was this intent that swayed me in an unconscious way, so much that the words twist and turn. It is a beat that takes the reader a few pages to pick up the rhythm, as any song of intense tempo will do. With the above in mind, it set readers to think that my verbiage and nouns were out of place and balancing on errors. To that end… I must now state another point that clears up my non-traditional. I edit my own work.

Outside of the first book “The Call From Within”, had an editor as well as a cover artist. Another point is of the artwork, which I will pick back up on here as I finish with my current ramble of editing (lol). Although the book had an editor we found, my husband and I, that content was changed. Outside of the error acknowledgement, my style was altered as well as the characters themselves. This objectivity to a self-published piece hit me and ultimately influenced me to take the task of editing on to myself. This is something I am chastised about but is something I clarify in my disclaimers, which reside in each book.

I am not without errors and although I strive to be, I know logically, they will follow me. This “doing it myself” nature to me is what indie means. Course as progression finds its way into all things our definitions will change, resulting in many forms of self-publishing.

As many will be assuming, from my break down, that I am labeling Indies as not professional and still in training. I know this because it is often an issue that is brought to me so for clarification I offer you this.

INDIE AUTHOR= A writer growing, learning, developing their trade-set based on skills they are acquiring along their journey. (They are not in training or less professional. They are simply working with their own allowances of income with financial support far from the more broader publisher’s stature to try to produce the best quality of work for you the reader.)

This is my own definition; hence, you will probably not find it in any dictionary. Although, it probably should be. Now on to artwork, this stipulates back to my presence and the covers that I mentioned prior. Outside of “The Call From Within”, which was illustrated by Richard Roberts, from the, I have done all my own covers. Often taking out my own camera and digitally manipulating several layers of images to create the final products. This I have even done for a few other authors.

The covers in my opinion are far from what is the hottest trend of the year. Therefore, in my eyes, fall under the non-traditional label.

I would have to say my final point on styling is following through. I am very hands on. Even now as I have sought out PRs, it is important to me to be there for readers. Someone to turn to or shout at if they don’t like how a character played out (lol). For you see, it is not about a sale. It is about acknowledging the pleasure of a read and how important it is to obtain.

Eri Nelson Books Banner

In my opinion, you are wonder woman ~you are hands on in all areas of the production and publication of your books, how do you manage it all?

With a lot less hair. (lol) Joking aside, I don’t pull my hair out as often as you might think.

Let me take a moment to say (as she takes her star imprinted bracelets off) thank you for referring to me as “wonder woman”. It is something, outside my similarity of bracelets, which I can strive for as an alter ego. (lol)

Now to truly answer your question I would have to say I typically look at three screens and multi task.  Sometimes I am successful and other moments feel as if I am drowning. However, as time has done its cruel joke and aged me, I have learned to float. (lol)

Eri Nelson Logo

I know firsthand that you tirelessly support other authors and produce a monthly newsletter called “WROTM Newsletter: Supporting Authors One Read at a
Time”~Tell us a bit about that.

#WROTM came about on the back of a magazine some 2 ½ years now but as the magazine came to an end this past month the idea of support did not.

Currently, we are reformatting and are hoping to reach a multitude of voices wishing to be heard. This is literally, what we are trying to do. For you see, we have started a ‘VIDEO BOOK TOUR ‘ which comes in the form of an interactive slideshow that features images that branch into links as well as the videos placed on YouTube. Presently, we are playing with what works and what doesn’t and you don’t need to pay to get involved. We understand an author’s budget because we are authors. The only thing we ask is that you post it on your blog once a month or post to any social media then notify us of your posting. This gets your book and its active link on our next tour. It is that simple… and a straightforward way to promote yourself as well as other authors.

Now as the above is stated, we have other ways to help promote you on our site. Such as sharing our hashtag on your tweet with #WROTM… when you do this the feed is shared on three sites; our site, my blog that branches off my site in its link, and the site that originates the feed. Even posting to our page on Facebook will get you this same result. We also have a forum and a free to 99-cent page to help promote you and connect. Of course, we are just getting started under these new installments as well as being still in development.

Tell us about your work, in particular the “Dearhart Clan Series”. What inspired you to write these stories in particular?

As I stated somewhere closer to the top of our discussion the DHC was brought to me on the posting of a call out. The idea just brought something out in me. It was dark, primal, adult, heated, action packed, and laced in erotic natures.

I could let my mind go wild for they are not human. These “wolfly” characteristics have no humanity. They strive to remember it and refrain from acting on the most primal resolves.

“The Call From Within” is a simple introduction to this series and although it ends with a fast forced love story not every ending will be so likely. Course you will just have to read the books to find out. In fact hit me up for a free look into the series at

Which character (if any) would you most like to hang out with?

Hmmm, it would be “Wash” from the “DHC” but “Izzy” from the “Isabella (Izzy) Tulley & Aiden Black” Series (“Destiny Repeats Twice”). “Wash” is intense and completely a joy to write on the torment of one’s soul. However, I would ultimately know going in that my life span would be greatly shortened. (lol) “Izzy” for she is a trip. Action upon action with her truly addicting sense of humor.

What books and/or authors have most influenced your life?

Since I am surrounded by authors due to my connections, it would be hard to decide on merely one or a few. Every word should be absorbed and devoured by any author that you can get a hand on their work. We are human so therefore in a constant stand of learning and open to influence.
Can you tell us what is coming up for you and where can we find you online?

Presently, I am working on the “Scent Of Power”, the second in the “Isabella (Izzy) Tulley & Aiden Black Series”. This will hopefully be out this coming 2013 summer. Next up is the fourth in the DHC, which won’t release until winter 2013.

As always, you can find me on, which holds all my social media outlets as well as all my ramblings and book trailers (yeah).


I would like to take this moment to thank Belinda and her always-delightful presence. I often look forward to her smiling tweets and posts on Facebook. You, Belinda, often make my days brighter.

Best Wishes to you all and thank you so much for stopping by to read just a little about me ~ Eri Nelson


I would like to thank Eri so much for taking the time to share a little bit about her work and thoughts on writing. Please take a moment to check out her sites and if you are an author please take a look at #WROTM.

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