Galri Montaj’s Lora R. Fisher Introduces Artist ~ Li Tie

Guest Post from the wonderful and talented Lora R. Fisher, ​​Creative Director of Galri Montaj…
As a curator, every so often an artist appears with works that strum a special chord. Li Tie is one of those artists, and his series The Open Road is a song that — happily — gets stuck in my head.

Open Road  18 x 24", oil on canvas
Open Road 18 x 24″, oil on canvas
His subject matter, masterful compositions, and rich color palette are a natural, for me and for Galri Montaj. As a native of the Pacific Northwest, U.S., I can attest to the fact that his artwork goes directly to the heart of life in rural Oregon. Leaning against a fence and admiring the shape of a barn and the peaceful presence of cows, while watching clouds as they shape-shifted across the sky, was one of my favorite pastimes as a child on our small farm — and still is. When viewing Li Tie’s landscapes I recall the peace of the countryside that was free for the taking. For me, Li Tie’s paintings are fond memories.
Apple Blossoms — Gold Field  14 x 17", pastel
Apple Blossoms — Gold Field 14 x 17″, pastel
Lonely Cloud  18 x 24", pastel
Lonely Cloud 18 x 24″, pastel

“For me, Li Tie’s paintings are fond memories.”

Long Cloud  25 x 32", oil
Long Cloud 25 x 32″, oil
Li Tie has traveled his own open road to get to where he is today. Growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution, he now lives in Portland, Oregon, where he creates engaging works of art that celebrate the beauty of rural Oregon. With brilliant color harmonies, dramatic compositions, and approachable subjects, Li Tie’s landscapes evoke the promise of the next horizon, the value of human endeavor, and the romance of rural America. 
​Setting Sun  30 x 22", oil​
​Setting Sun 30 x 22″, oil​

About Li Tie… 

Li Tie, Artist
Li Tie, Artist
Li Tie grew up in Beijing and studied classical painting and drawing while in middle school. He was profoundly influenced by the realism that was prominent during China’s Cultural Revolution, which attempted to remove all traces of traditional Chinese art and replace it with images that promoted cultural pride and human endeavor. As a young adult, Li Tie immigrated to the United States and enrolled in the School of Art, Design and Art History at San Diego State University, where he received a Masters of Fine Art degree. Following graduation, he moved to Portland, Oregon and fell in love with the beauty of the country surrounding the city. His work comes from his heart, inspired by the endless country roads of Oregon.

About Galri Montaj

–Lora R Fisher Creative Director, Galri Montaj Contemporary Art
–Lora R Fisher
Creative Director, Galri Montaj Contemporary Art
The Arts… 

The arts provide countless opportunities to enrich our communities, while supporting the intellectual development of our children. Numerous studies demonstrate that the arts enhance learning and increase engagement in the classroom, while providing opportunities for creative collaboration. In other words, the arts are good for us.

The Passion… 

The passion that artists exhibit to unite and uplift through the arts, to protect the environment, and to stimulate and support community engagement, are my inspiration. It’s an honor to be a part of the life-changing experience of the arts.

 The Goal… 

Our goal is to provide an accessible and visually engaging platform for exhibiting your artwork, with a focus on getting your work ‘out there’ and in front of collectors. If you are an artist looking for representation, contact us with a link to your digital portfolio for a no-cost review. It will be our pleasure.

~Lora R Fisher
Creative Director, Galri Montaj Contemporary Art


Galri Montaj Contemporary Art
The Open Road series by Li Tie

Weekly Writing Spark~ January 27th, 2014|| via


“Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.” ~ Dalai Lama

Most of us have a picture of our “dream” future. Some people are lucky and things fall into place, more often though, we have to work hard and make sacrifices in order to have the life we want. There are so many inspirational stories where people have worked hard and made their dreams a reality. What is your dream and what are you willing to do to reach it?

Reflect, write and dream on the page! 🙂


Weekly Writing Spark~ January 20th, 2014|| via


“Let’s just say that if these scientists had been using their brilliance for good instead of evil, cars would run off water vapor and leave fresh compost behind them; no one would be hungry; no one would be ill; all buildings would be earthquake-, bomb-, and flood-proof; and the world’s entire economy would have collapsed and been replaced by one based on the value of chocolate. ” ~ James Patterson

As writers, we get to create characters and build little worlds for them to live in.  Sometimes we are kind and other times we create a cruel, often unpredictable world to help add a dimension to our story.  What if you could create your OWN world to live in? Would you create a perfect paradise or a world created with a balance of  both good and bad? Describe it in detail. What would you do differently in your world? What would the currency be; money, time, kind deeds or like Mr. Patterson, my personal favorite chocolate? 😉 Get creative, reflect, write and most of all, have fun! 🙂


Quote of the Week via ~ January 17th, 2014

ink“Writing isn’t generally a lucrative source of income; only a few, exceptional writers reach the income levels associated with the best-sellers. Rather, most of us write because we can make a modest living, or even supplement our day jobs, doing something about which we feel passionately. Even at the worst of times, when nothing goes right, when the prose is clumsy and the ideas feel stale, at least we’re doing something that we genuinely love. There’s no other reason to work this hard, except that love.” ~Melissa Scott


Weekly Writing Spark~ January 13th, 2014|| via


“No matter what he does, every person on earth plays a central role in the history of the world. And normally he doesn’t know it.” ~Paulo Coelho

Using your favorite historical figure whether,  it’s a world leader, author, actress or revolutionary thinker, someone who has inspired you; write a story where you bring this person from their place in history to the present day. How does this person cope in modern times? Are they aware of the significance of the contributions they made? Are they as effective in the present as they were in the time they came from?

Get creative, reflect, write and most of all, have fun! 🙂