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“Discover how to visit the past and bring yesterday’s stories into our lives today” ~ Gillian Hovell

You are an archaeologist from the year 3014 and your excavation is believed to be circa 2014  (your city/town). Describe what artifacts and structures  you find; what do these tell you about this ancient society?

 Get creative, write and more importantly have fun! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Spark~May 12th, 2014|| via”

  1. The remains looked old even beyond what our team thought would be there. It made it hard to accurately date this small crossroad of old brick buildings. There was found a painted fresco depicting what appears to be old farming equipment and mules. Near the rows of brick wall remains there was found a large granite marker that identified the place as Grantville, Georgia, established in 1866.

    While excavating two of the building remains we found a cache of posters and a sign that read “Home of the Walking Dead.” The faded pictures reflected depictions of decomposed bodies. We decided this find needed further research as it left our research teams scratching their heads as to the significance.


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