Weekly Writing Spark~May 26th, 2014|| via

Spark“The two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.” ~ Robert Frost

Life is about making choices, we all make them everyday, from what we eat to how we react to others. Some choices are easy, some challenging and some that are heartbreaking and haunt us.

Write about the most challenging choice you have ever had to make. Was it the right choice or the easy one? How has this choice shaped, defined or changed your life, if at all? If you could go back and chose another option,would you?

Reflect and write…:)

2 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Spark~May 26th, 2014|| via”

  1. Most of my choices choose me, but some do set me on a different path. One day a coveted media agent agreed to sign me, saying he saw me as a Latina Katie Couric…or was that an Asian Katie Couric? His flattery turned my head, but his contract took me aback. It asked for a seven-year commitment when two years was standard. A friend had his attorney look at it, and that person suggested I ask for a two-year-contract with an option for five so long as I was satisfied. It was only a request, not a deal breaker. The agent screamed at me – I had to hold my ear away from the phone – for daring to contact an attorney. I wonder who he thought would go to court for him if his lengthy contract was broken: a Buddhist monk? Mostly I wondered what it would be like to be stuck for seven years with someone who screamed bloody murder every time I asked a question. I said no. I never became a major market journalist. Instead I traveled the world and became an author, which was my greater dream. I never questioned my choice: never sell your soul to the devil. You’ll know him when he offers you the world, and asks only the price of your self-respect.


    1. What an amazing and inspiring story Cara! You always have to follow your gut instincts, they are usually right. So glad it worked out for you and thanks so much for sharing your story! 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful week!


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