Check out Author Mary Ann Kempher (@MaryAnnKempher)

Humor and Mystery combine to make these must-read who-done-its.


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Author bio:

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MaryAnn Kempher’s books will test your crime solving skills; with quirky characters and witty dialogue, her books will keep you guessing, and smiling until the very end.

Her books can be read out of order, but she recommends you start with her first, Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder which is a romantic mystery set in Reno NV, then Forever Doomed, which is a murder mystery set on a cruise ship.

Sweet Mystery is her most recent release and another “I did not see that coming.” murder mystery.

1 thought on “Check out Author Mary Ann Kempher (@MaryAnnKempher)”

  1. Humor and mystery combination – sounds like the challenge I hope exists in Shiloh’s story. Life without laughter is the greater mystery that no one wants to invest in. Quirkiness exists in real life. Heck, just ask Connie.


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