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Review ~ Note to Self: A Seven-Step Path to Gratitude & Growth

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I recently had the pleasure to interview author Laurie Buchanan about her new book Note to Self: A Seven-Step Path to Gratitude & Growth and this book is now one of my favourites. If you’re looking to make changes in 2017, Note to Self  is the book for you.  This will be one of my go-to books when I need to regain harmony in my ever-changing life.  Articulate, authentic and relatable, Laurie’s book Note to Self  will resonate with so many as will her motto “whatever you are not changing, you are choosing”. Often, we are so incredibly busy or too frightened to make much needed changes in our lives and as a result, get weighed down by our “baggage” and do not live our best life possible. Note to Self breaks the focus down into “Seven Selves”: Self-preservation, Self-gratification, Self-definition, Self-acceptance, Self-expression, Self-reflection and Self-knowledge. By using a holistic approach and breaking areas of our lives into small manageable pieces Note to Self helps us focus on specific areas one at a time and makes the task of self-discovery a little less daunting.   Each section invites you to ask questions, offers advice and exercises that are thought provoking and meaningful. I particularly like the Internal Inventory Questions which help us peel back the layers and get to the heart of our baggage.


About Laurie

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Embracing the belief that “Life is an expression of the choices we make,” Laurie Buchanan is a teacher and student of purposeful living. With tremendous respect for the earth’s natural resources, her goal is to leave the slightest footprint on the planet, while at the same time making a lasting impression on its inhabitants—one that is positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing.

A minimalist by intent, she lives a beautiful life with fewer things—simple, yet full.

Laurie can be found online at Tuesdays With LaurieTwitterFacebookGoogle+, and LinkedIn.


Review~Painting Life: My Creative Journey Through Trauma by @CarolKWalsh


I was recently honoured to have had the opportunity to interview author, therapist and artist Carol K. Walsh about her memoir, Painting Life: My Creative Journey Through Trauma. I have always been an avid believer in and advocate for the healing and transformative powers of living a creative life. Inspiring and powerful, Carol’s memoir shares with the reader the healing and empowering potential of the creative process to not only overcome, but to thrive and recreate oneself through life’s traumatic and challenging moments.  Authentic and graceful, Carol shares her story in an honest, relatable and insightful prose, as she walks us along her journey of self-discovery through a challenging childhood to the trauma and heartbreak of the death of a fiancé. Each time she faced challenges she called upon her creativity to help her rebuild and redefine her life. Her words are like her paintings, they flow, carrying you along her journey interspersed with artistic antidotes that blend seamlessly with her story. I loved this book and know it will definitely be one I go back to time and again.


About Carol K. Walsh:

Carol Walsh’s life was turned upside down in seconds when she pulled her dead fiancé from the bottom of a diving well, after he had a sudden, massive heart attack. Even though she was a psychotherapist working with clients suffering from trauma, this personal shock felt unbearable. Nonetheless, she had to heal herself while working with clients and, as a single mother, supporting her two children. Using the creative interests she developed during childhood while emotionally saving herself from a difficult mother, she fully recovered from her grief and PTSD symptoms.  More importantly Carol thrived by recreating her personal, artistic, and professional life.

Carol Walsh graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BFA.  As a serious artist she wrote and illustrated a hard cover book for fiber artists, Design for Weaving, published by Hastings House of New York and reprinted in paperback by Interweave Press.  Carol was a part of numerous exhibits, won international prizes and lectured nationally.

Later Carol graduated from Catholic University of America with an MSW and opened a private practice, where she has worked for thirty-two years.  As a therapist she wrote and self-published The Art of Awakening Spirit.  In addition, she wrote and illustrated forty, 3000-4000 word articles for Pathways a Washington D.C, metropolitan publication and subsequently consolidated her articles into a paperback book,  Break Through: Coping Skills for Chaotic Times

Carol lives in Maryland where she has a large studio.  She has been happily married for 22 years and is the proud mother of two daughters and four grandchildren.

Find Painting Life: My Creative Journey Through Trauma on Amazon here.

To learn more about Carol and connect with her on social media check out her website or connect via Twitter @carolkwalsh, and Facebook Carol K. Walsh


Creative Life Summit via Carol K. Walsh (@carolkwalsh)

I wanted to share a quick message  from a familiar face on our site ~ Author and Artist Carol K. Walsh.

To all my fellow Creatives:

I am excited to  tell you about an opportunity to hear 41 speakers discuss creativity, during the “Creative Life Summit”. The Summit is a two week event designed and sponsored by James Taylor in London, the founder of the C-school of Creativity, who also consults with major organizations. The Summit will be aired on the internet during the first two weeks in January.  It is  free, and will feature James in conversation with 41 people about all areas of creativity, including: the creative process, marketing, flow, creative blocks, finding your voice, etc.  There are many topics to choose from.  All we have to do is sign up. 

Because of my newly published memoir, Painting Life: My Creative Journey Through Trauma, I was asked to be one of the 41 speakers.  My specific topic is: “The Power of Creativity to Heal”. My interview with James Taylor will be aired on January 5th

Just click on this link and sign up.  It’s free.

Carol K. Walsh



December~the home stretch!

✨”Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” ~ Les Brown✨


It’s hard to believe we are in the home stretch of 2016 and in retrospect I would have to say that the word that comes to mind that would perfectly describe this year would be “challenging”.  Don’t worry it’s not all in the negative context, although there have been some tough moments a great deal of them have led to growth and in my mind, that is always a good thing (…unless of course it’s my waistline…and well yeah, not so good 😉 !) 

On the downside, I have had to say goodbye to some dear friends and family, losing them broke my heart but all of whom have left an indelible mark on my heart and contributed to making me the person I am today. I will always carry the lessons they’ve taught me as I move forward in life. 

On the upside, I have been given some wonderful opportunities to travel a new path that I will be continuing to pursue well into 2017.  Although I didn’t finish NaNoWriMo, I did make a healthy dent in my manuscript that will hopefully lead (fingers-crossed) to a published novel in 2017.

I will have a few more posts this year but I would like to take the opportunity to wish all my friends and family a wonderful, joyous holiday season! (Chanukah, Christmas & Kwanza)

Wherever you may be in your day or evening, I hope you’re counting your blessings, not your problems!  🙂
Live, laugh & love! ❤

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”~Walt Disney

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