Helpful Household Hints for the Harried Human by @LynnHallbrooks on sale now! #HHH4HH


Helpful Household Hints for the Harried Human by Lynn Hallbrooks has recently been revised and is currently on sale.

Some young adults will be leaving home soon, either for college or to make their own way in life. Ms. Hallbrooks hopes that her book with its recent updates will make their journey a little easier. It includes general cleaning advice as well as tips to help in the kitchen, laundry, and office.

In order to make it affordable for those on a strict budget, she has reduced the price to 99 cents USD. The book is exclusive to Amazon, so it is available through Kindle Unlimited and all Amazon marketplaces.

Amazon US:

Don’t have a US account, then this should get you to the Amazon Marketplace closest to you:

Lynn Hallbrooks posing

Lynn Hallbrooks wrote short stories for fun during her High School years. After serving in the U.S. Air Force she continued her Health Information Management (formerly known as Medical Records) career into civilian life. In late 2009, she and her writing partner, David McKoy began the Call Sign: Wrecking Crew series. In 2010, the founded Call Sign: Wrecking Crew, LLC which Lynn runs. Along the way, she has stayed with some friends and earned her keep by doing household duties such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry. She realized she might be able to help others with a few pieces of advice, thus Helpful Household Hints for the Harried Human was conceived.

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