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Beneath the Sugar Sky (Wayward Children #3)

by Seanan McGuire

Release date: January 9th, 2018


I received a complimentary ARC copy of Beneath the Sugar Sky (Wayward Children #3) by Seanan McGuire from NetGalley and Tor in order to read and give an honest review.

Seanan McGuire is definitely one of my favorite fantasy authors. Her books have it all, perfect prose, masterful plots, exciting worlds and engaging characters and the same is true for her Wayward Children series. This dark and whimsical series like all of her work is so well written that it grabs hold of you and takes you twisting and turning into fascinating new worlds. McGuire addresses, race, sexuality, religion, illness, disabilities, mental health etc. and handles it with such nuance.  Her characters are multifaceted and each face personal challenges that so many can relate to.  

The series revolves around students housed at¬†Eleanor West‚Äôs Home for Wayward Children.¬† The Home for Wayward¬†Children¬†is¬†a¬†safe¬†haven for¬†children who¬†have traveled¬†to different portal worlds so different from their¬†own. The other worlds are nothing like our world, some are underwater¬†worlds, worlds made of confection, worlds of death, some¬†are¬†logical ones with order and others nonsense worlds, where chaos is plenty and rules don’t apply.¬†Often¬†when¬†the children return to this world they are lost or traumatized,¬†their parents unable¬†to help them and at a loss,¬†send them to the home. Often,¬†these children long to go back, biding¬†their time¬†waiting for the¬†opportunity when the¬†door back reveals itself again or actively searching looking for clues.¬†

In this story, we hear from characters from the previous award-winning “Every Heart a Doorway” and we get to meet¬†Cora.¬†Cora,¬†overweight and insecure,¬†came to the home¬†from an underwater world¬†where she¬†enjoyed¬†being¬†a¬†mermaid. Cora although worried at first, finds she fits in just fine at the home, each of the students so unique in their own way.¬† As Cora is getting used to the home,¬†a girl¬†falls from the sky looking for her mother, a former student who had passed away recently.¬† The group band together¬†to¬†help¬†her embark¬†on a quest to find her mother, through¬†time and¬†multiple¬†worlds, the reader¬†catches glimpses of¬†the group’s experiences¬†as¬†they travel¬†through the¬†different¬†doors.¬†

I have loved each book in this¬†series and¬†as¬†a series, it is definitely 5-star.¬†¬†However,¬†I would give this story 4.5 stars only because I found that some things seemed a bit¬†unnecessary¬†and detracted from the story. Information on the logical, nonsense aspects of the worlds as well as Cora’s insecurities kept re-appearing a little too often for me, but reading is subjective and others might not mind it as much.¬† ¬†All in¬†all,¬†this was a fantastic book,¬†and¬†I highly recommend it.¬†¬†

2 thoughts on “#Review of Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire #UrbanFantasy #ModernFairytale”

  1. I love this series! You’re so lucky to have gotten an ARC. I had to wait (im)patiently for it to be released. I was a bit disappointed with this one, to be honest. Seanan McGuire’s a fantastic author, and I’ve already bought another series from her to start, but in Beneath the Sugar Sky, I just couldn’t connect with Cora at all. She drove me crazy. This is a lovely review of it, though. ūüôā


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