#GuestPost An Attitude of #Gratitude by @LHallbrooks ~ Introducing #writer @okundayeisrael1

An Attitude of Gratitude


Lynn Hallbrooks

Maintaining an “attitude of gratitude” is not easy for me at times. I am inspired by those that appear to radiate genuine positivity and gratefulness. Israel O. Okundaye is one of those people. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of working with him on The Heartbeat of African Rhythm. Of all the people he knew through social media, he allowed me to compile and publish his words of wisdom. As you read this nonfiction book you can feel the undercurrent of gratitude. As a native Nigerian, his love of country also shines through.

The Heartbeat of African Rhythm - High Resolution

To me, The Heartbeat of African Rhythm is a different type of quotations’ book. It isn’t a celebrity’s, scientist’s or philosopher’s take on life. It is a humble individual expressing his thoughts and feelings about the world around him. We are all citizens of Earth. See how much alike we all are underneath.

To experience his words and insights, you can visit Books2Read – – and see if your favorite vendor is there. If you are outside the US but prefer US Amazon then here’s the direct link:

Israel O. Okundaye

About Israel O. Okundaye:

Israel Okundaye is the writer with a golden pen. His writing includes poetry, quotes, novel, and motivational literature.

He has obtained an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) and B.Sc. in Banking and Finance, University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria.

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Facebook: https://facebook/osarenagharu.okundaye


About Lynn Hallbrooks:

Lynn Hallbrooks posing

Lynn Hallbrooks enjoyed writing short stories and poems in high school. After graduation, she joined the US Air Force where she learned a career that took her through the next 30 years of her life. Now she has self-published fiction and nonfiction works. She founded Call Sign Wrecking Crew, LLC, loves to read, and in her spare time, she finds ways to help others. One way she does that is by sharing tips and tricks with authors and readers.

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Israel and I wish to thank Belinda for taking the time to share our words.

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US. To everyone, we wish you all the best.

Lynn Hallbrooks

7 thoughts on “#GuestPost An Attitude of #Gratitude by @LHallbrooks ~ Introducing #writer @okundayeisrael1”

  1. Hi Belinda – great to see Lynn on the blog and to be introduced to Israel – he certainly has loads of talent and some wonderful ideas to help people. Thanksgiving a sharing, kind day … with thoughts to one and all – Hilary

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  2. Poem By Okundaye Israel

    The Sun Meet The Moon:
    The rising sun’s fading into the sky.
    Imaged in the eyeball is the filthy looking beautiful day.

    A day to behold with lots of drama pilling up
    Yet to clean up tomorrow’s mess and expectation.
    Today may be looking ugly in its dawn.
    Lots of harvests are drawn unto it in the evening.

    While tomorrow takes care of its need.
    Today should read tomorrow’s odd
    because in the future is the full moon homecoming.

    A Grateful Heart with Many Thanks:

    Okundaye Israel Osarenagharu
    13 June at 14:05 •
    “The consciousness of a man is the basic science behind the thought of men.” Israel

    Okundaye Israel Osarenagharu
    13 June at 13:51 •
    “The man who build a house on the hill must be willing to receive guests.” Israel

    @ #HILARYMB #LYNN HALLBROOKS & #BWITZENHAUSEN Your houses are on the hills and obvious to us all, I am one of your guests with firm humility and appreciation in turns of several folds.

    Many Thanks

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