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The Woman in the Lake Cover

The Woman in the Lake
by Nicola Cornick

Release date: February 26th, 2019


I received a complimentary ARC copy of The Woman in the Lake by Nicola Cornick from NetGalley and Graydon House Books (U.S. & Canada) in order to read and give an honest review.

“Murder, mayhem and mysticism all crafted into a spellbinding tale…. “

I have become a huge fan of Nicola Cornick‘s work in recent months. I love her style!  She has an incredible ability to immerse the reader into whatever historical period she is writing about. Cornick intricately weaves details within her stories so seamlessly that the reader is automatically transported without forcing the reader to endure the dreaded “info dump”. The Woman in the Lake is no different. 

Set in present-day Swindon the reader travels back and forth from 1765.  The story is told from three viewpoints.  In 1765 we hear from Lady Isabella Gerard and her personal maid Constance. Both women are very different from the other women of their time. Lady Isabella is stuck in an abusive marriage to a corrupt businessman and smuggler. Always living in extreme danger from her husband she finds solace in another man‘s arms.  Her husband gives her a gift of a beautiful but deadly silk golden gown, a gown which leaves devastation in its wake.  Constance learns the secret behind the gown and wants to expose it but what will it cost her?

We also meet college design teacher, vintage item dealer and reformed kleptomaniac, Fenella Brightwell. 

On a school trip as a teenagerFenella steals the golden gown from a small historical museum. Once in her possessionFenella‘s life spirals out of control.  Present day Fenella now an adult is struggling to start a new life after escaping from an abusive marriage, bad divorce and the death of her grandmother. Her sister sorting through their Grandmother’s home discovers the gown with cryptic handwritten notes from their grandmother with the word danger written on them. The gown then mysteriously finds its way back to Fenella. Once the gown is returned back to Fenella, her life begins to spiral out of control again and her past comes back to haunt her. 

Murder, mayhem and mysticism all crafted into a spellbinding tale sure to keep you engaged into the wee hours of the morning. I would highly recommend The Woman in the Lake. 

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