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#Painting with Light, #Blind #Artist Finds his Artistic Voice & Celebrating Two Years of #WATWB🎉


Welcome to the “We are the World Blogfest” (#WATWB ). This month we celebrate our two-year anniversary and we couldn’t have done it without our wonderful co-hosts who help share, visit and promote all of the positive stories our bloggers share. I would also like to thank Lynn Hallbrooks who volunteers to manage our Facebook page. The #WATWB was inspired by a simple conversation between myself and the wonderful Damyanti Biswas discussing how all the negativity on social media was weighing on us. Wanting to make a difference we decided to try to do our part to infuse social media with all the good stories that are out there. We hope to share the stories that show kindness, compassion, hope, overcoming challenges and in general, the impressive resilience of the human spirit. For every dark, negative story out there, there is a positive, heartwarming story that will add some light and lift the human spirit. The last Friday of every month bloggers will share their stories led by five co-hosts, this month’s co-hosts are Sylvia McGrath,Damyanti Biswas, Shilpa Garg, Dan Antion, and myself, Belinda Witzenhausen.
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If you follow any of my blogs you’ll no doubt notice that I am always sharing stories about individuals who turn their adversities into something positive. Today I’m going to share another one of those stories.

Artist Steven Erra’s vision is slowly deteriorating due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. When he was in college, Steven had no idea he had a disease that would rob him of his sight, in fact, it wasn’t until he was nearly finished his art degree. But Erra was determined to make the most of what sight he had left. Receiving that diagnosis only motivated Erra to further pursue his passion. He began taking photographs and using flashlights to paint images into his work. Personally, I find his work brilliantly creative and unique. These days, he works with The Seeing With Photography Collective, a group of sight-impaired artists who specialize in “light painting.” Watch his story below.

To view Steven Erra’s work online, check out these links:



27 thoughts on “#Painting with Light, #Blind #Artist Finds his Artistic Voice & Celebrating Two Years of #WATWB🎉”

  1. Steven’s life story is so awe-inspiring. He is a true hero of grit, determination and perseverance. Love this creative artworks. Thanks for sharing his story, Belinda and happy anniversary. So glad to be associated with #WATWB! Cheers ♥

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    1. His determination is motivating, he’s not letting anything stop him from pursuing his passion. Thanks so much for being a part of #WATWB and for stopping by. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!😊

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  2. Mr. Erra is not only a wonderful artist (love his paintings), he is also a wonderful example of a human spirit that takes negativity and turns it into a positive blessings. This is a reminder that we can’t give up on our dreams no matter the circumstance (quit whining and just do it). Thanks for sharing this beautiful story and being a huge part of #WATWB success. Happy two year anniversary!

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    1. I was so impressed by his determination, nothing would stop him from creating art, definitely inspiring! Thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing you and yours a fabulous weekend!😊

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  3. Wow – what a powerful story that really touches my heart. I’m utterly fascinated by Steven’s work, but his story is such a potent invitation to truly keep our awareness on the beauty that surrounds us always. Thanks for sharing this one Belinda, and for co-hosting #WATWB.

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    1. He’s proof that if you are passionate about your craft, you’ll find a way to pursue it! Thanks so much for stopping by and for being a part of the#WATWB family! Happy Two Year Anniversary!😊 Have a great weekend!


  4. Hi Belinda – what an amazing story … so interesting to read about and to know how he has overcome his eyes to still see through his mind (with his tiny light space he can use) … and he’s so positive: reminding us who can see – we are exceedingly lucky.

    Congratulations to all who host the #WAWTB … it’s a wonderful bloghop to see positive ideas from around the world … excellent to have reached 2 years … love it! Cheers Hilary

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    1. I was so impressed and inspired by his determination and attitude as well. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and for being a part of the#WATWB family! Happy Anniversary!🎈🎉


  5. Thanks Belinda – imagine only being able to see Manhattan as the size of your thumb and the rest is in black darkness. Yet in spite of this he does light painting – breath taking! Happy 2 nd year anniversary for #WATWB – it fulfils such an important function!

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    1. I agree, where there is a will, there is a way and Steven has seemed to find it. So impressed with his work! Thanks so much for stopping by and for being a part of the#WATWB family!😊

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  6. What an innovative man Steven is, Belinda. This is an enchanting post. Glad I watched the video as well. I love the way he is making the most of what may be perceived as a decline in ability to produce art! Years ago, on my first week in a hospital chaplain’s course, I was allocated a geriatric ward. I remember going to see an elderly Jewish gentlemen who was going blind. We both talked of our love of reading and books – funny that! 😉 – and of his impending blindness. I then realised one of my greatest fears was of my going blind. Having seen your post about Steven I now know that declining sight can be an impetus for innovation. Thank you for your #WATWB inspiration to all of us. It is truly appreciated.

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    1. Thanks so much Simon, it touched my heart, I think it is one of my biggest fears too. My Dad was blind off and on throughout his life and although there were surgeries and things to help, I know how he struggled and the toll it took on him. I admire Steven’s, determination and go get em’ attitude. Thanks so much for stopping by and for being a part of the#WATWB Family!!!😊

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