Urgent: #Foster Families needed for #Cats #Toronto #Ontario #ScarboroughBluffsCatRelief

Worldwide, COVID-19 has stormed across the continents causing millions of people to isolate themselves at home, only going out for essentials such as food and medication. For most, this is an especially stressful time since many of our workplaces, schools, churches, gyms and restaurants have been closed indefinitely and many people are now more than ever feeling lonely and vulnerable.  A sad side effect from our busy culture is that many people who work have avoided having pets because they feared they wouldn’t be home enough, and their pets wouldn’t get the attention they deserve.

What we are facing now is an unusual situation and we have no idea when our lives will return to “normal”.  Many regret the decision of not having a pet to help keep them company not to mention the added stress relieving benefits pet ownership offers.

There is something you can do though, a temporary situation (or perhaps if wanted, a permanent) until things return to normal that would be a win-win situation for all involved.

Cat rescues are struggling right now too with an increase in the number of cats coming in.  Many shelters and rescues are normally fortunate enough to have local pet care businesses showcase their rescues that are up for adoption but with stores being forced to close or limit their staff, many rescues are struggling to find foster families to care for those animals being displaced. Scarborough Bluffs Cat relief is one of those rescues after another rescue had to close its doors when the owner passed away, they decided to help rehome their cats too.

Now here’s where you can help if you’re in the Toronto/GTA area and one of those people who would love to have a feline companion to ride out this COVID-19 storm Scarborough Bluffs Cat relief desperately needs you as a foster parent.  If you are interested, please contact Katherine at 647-476-4797. 

 Here are some of the cats desperately looking for foster homes… 


Sassy is a 3 1/2-year-old female, spayed and up to date vaccines. She’s a pretty, small cat, very affectionate and has lived with small dogs and another cat. She’s not that comfortable with dogs but ok with cats after the proper introduction.


Moggie is a tiny little girl with a big personality. We’re not exactly sure of her age but guessing around 5. She was found roaming the streets for some time. Moggie was in a catfight and sustained injuries and developed an abscess but she is fine now. We did test her for FeLV and FIV and tests came back negative. She is declawed, so at one point she did have a family that we were unable to trace. Like many declawed cats, it takes some time to reassure her that she is in no danger and to make her feel comfortable.


Juliet is semi-feral and her age is unknown. Juliet was from a rescue which had to shut down its doors. Rescued on June 6th by the other rescue she has been spayed. She is a beautiful calico tabby. Juliet is an adorable smaller girl who is receptive to head pets but will hiss at you first. She has never attempted to bite or swat at a hand and has even taken treats from fingers. Once again, in the right home, she would more than likely become a very loving cat.


Sneakers also brought in from the closed shelter is roughly nine years old. She is generally a friendly cat who loves attention and rolls over and over while she enjoys being petted. She will give head butts and rub on you until you take the time to give her some loving. She can be a bit skittish at times but with time and patience, she will be your best friend.


Dublin, a big boy looking for a kingdom to rule, with servants. He is about 3 1/2, vet checked, neutered, vaccinated and he’s also had dental work done. He is one of many that an elderly, frail couple had surrendered as they can no longer look after them. Dublin developed an abscess from a catfight which resulted in a pretty large wound on his head, which is still healing. Very affectionate, he prefers the company of people over cats, so a single home would be ideal. Of course, with a proper, slow introduction he would adjust to a home with another cat, preferably female.

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