#NetGalley #BookReview of The Bone Hunger (Benjamin Oris #2) by Carrie Rubin #Thriller #Medical # Psychological



The Bone Hunger

(Benjamin Oris #2)

by Carrie Rubin

Release date: August 11th, 2020


I received a complimentary ARC copy of The Bone Hunger (Benjamin Oris, Book 2) by Carrie Rubin from NetGalley and Indigo Dot PressĀ in order to read and give an honest review.

…in this brilliantly executed, clever,Ā page turning psychological medical thriller…

Having read and reviewed the Authorā€™s first book Bone Curse I was thrilled to get toĀ read andĀ review her second entry in theĀ Dr. BenjaminĀ OrisĀ series.Ā I amĀ pleasedĀ to say Bone HungerĀ definitely didĀ not disappoint.Ā This is an excellent follow up butĀ is also a perfect stand alone.

The Bone Hunger takes place three years after the horrifying eventsĀ which occurred in the Bone Curse. BenĀ Otis has worked hard to get hisĀ professional life back on track. Working asĀ a second year orthopedic surgicalĀ residentĀ who is brought in to beĀ part ofĀ a tightly knitĀ surgical teamĀ run byĀ the prestigious Dr. Lock. The team endured a horrificĀ trauma and although the odd man outĀ Ben is earning the respect of Dr. Lock and his colleagues. When a patient dies postĀ op Ben is upset, but events take a gruesomeĀ turn. WhileĀ outĀ jogging with his familyĀ theyĀ findĀ a severed legĀ with the implant Ben himselfĀ put inĀ which Ben recognizes as hisĀ deceasedĀ patientā€™s lying in the morgue.Ā When another patientĀ goes missingĀ and theirĀ amputated limb is found this time harvested from aĀ once living patientĀ Benā€™s past reputation puts himĀ on theĀ detectiveā€™sĀ radar.Ā Without giving away too much this book takesĀ surprising twists and turnsĀ when theĀ body countĀ goesĀ up.Ā When an old friend,Ā Laurette,Ā introducesĀ Ben to aĀ well-respectedĀ forensic psychologist the race is on to catch the killer, clear Benā€™s name and save hisĀ loved ones.

Being a physician,Ā authorĀ CarrieĀ Rubin gives youĀ the goodsĀ inĀ this brilliantly executed, clever,Ā page turningĀ psychological medical thriller.Ā CannotĀ wait to read the next in the series. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend!




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