#NetGalley #BookReview Chapter and Curse (Cambridge Bookshop Series #1) by Elizabeth Penney #Cozy #Mystery

Chapter and Curse

Cambridge Bookshop Series #1 

by Elizabeth Penney

Release date: September 28th, 2021  

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I received a complimentary ARC copy of Chapter and Curse (Cambridge Bookshop Series #1) by Elizabeth Penney from NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press in order to read and give an honest review.  

… “I really enjoyed Chapter and Curse and found it entertaining”…”It’s a quick fun read”…  

Chapter and Curse by Elizabeth Penney is the first in the new Cambridge Bookshop Series and introduces us to Molly Kimball and her Mother Nina who respond to Aunt Violet’s plea for assistance with her struggling bookshop, Thomas Marlowe—Manuscripts and Folios. Uprooting their life in Vermont and moving to Cambridge, England opens a world of opportunities for Molly but when a poetry reading at the bookshop becomes a murder scene, her new life becomes more than she bargained for.  

The victim, an old school mate of Violet’s, as well as a habitual blackmailer is murdered using Violet’s knitting needles ensuring that Violet becomes prime suspect in her murder. Molly is now on a mission to save both her aunt and their livelihood but needs to look to the past to unlock secrets and save the day.  

Elizabeth Penney has done an incredible job creating a cast of characters that include a former spy, a handsome neighbor as well as new friends and foes for Molly.  For me, although I really enjoyed Chapter and Curse and found it entertaining it was somewhat predictable and I guessed the perpetrator and motive fairly early. It’s a quick fun read if that’s what you are looking for and I am looking forward to reading future books in this series!