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“Trees exhale for us so that we can inhale them to stay alive. Can we ever forget that? Let us love trees with every breath we take until we perish.” ~Munia Khan

I love nature and living in a condominium in the city I really miss being surrounded by trees and wildlife…okay not spiders, I hate spiders😝 lol, but I do miss trees the most.  When I noticed a post about Jane Goodall’s “Trees for Jane” campaign I knew that it would be perfect for me to share for this month’s #WATWB. Often we don’t think about trees but perhaps we should. Trees provide food, water, shelter, medicines and even the oxygen we breathe by absorbing and converting carbon dioxide which threatens our climate. However, trees and entire forests are at risk, destruction of our forests which are cleared in massive numbers is slowly killing our planet which has already lost a staggering three trillion trees, meaning approximately half of all our forests are now gone. If we keep up this rate of destruction, by the end of the century little will be left, and we will tragically lose nature’s most effective climate change solution. 

 Jane Goodall offers a quite simple practical solution which everyone can take part and we can all do our part by simply planting a tree or two or supporting people who do. If we protect forests and plant trees it will help de-escalate the climate crisis, it’s that simple.  

So, here’s Jane’s challenge:   

Jane asks that we work together to plant a trillion trees by the end of this decade, but she needs everyone’s help…that means governments, companies, organizations, communities…all of us not just for the sake of climate but for the sake of all living creatures and especially for the sake of future generations. There is no time to lose our natural resources are vanishing and it’s up to us to properly restore our fragile ecosystems, let ‘s work to make planet earth whole again. 

 To learn more about Trees for Jane or to join the trillion-tree challenge please check out the video and links below. 

Learn more about Jane’s initiative on her site here: and on Facebook here