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Interview with Indie Author Micheal Rivers

If you are familiar with the online Indie Author scene you have no doubt heard of Paranormal Thriller Author, Micheal Rivers. Micheal was kind enough to take a few minutes to share with us a bit about himself and his brilliant work. Welcome Micheal!

Author Micheal Rivers

Tell us a little about yourself. When did your interest in writing begin?

I was born in small town on the inner coast of North Carolina called Ahoskie. At the time, I believe the population was about six thousand and still trying to grow like so many towns of its size. At seventeen, I entered the Marine Corps during Vietnam and life rolled on from there with a lot of travel and seeing lands I thought only existed in a book somebody wrote. I am married to a fascinating woman and we are currently preparing a move to South Dakota. I love to fish and hunt so it is a little slice of heaven to me. We have six sons, one grandchild and another due in July. My interest in writing has been with me for as long as I can remember and I hope it never goes away. I love to watch the stories develop and where they will take me next

You have five books out, three fictions and two non-fictions. If you could possibly choose, which one was your favorite to write?

I enjoyed writing all of them and I hate to choose just one, but I guess I would have to say Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores because it revolves around my life as a North Carolinian. There is so much personal history there for me. The spirit of the founding of the United States as well as the actual amount of factual history is astounding. Anything from wars to famous men who shaped our lives can be found here. It is a land that the stars seem to shine just for you in a perfect blue-black sky.

Ghosts of the North Carolina ShoresWhat is the most important thing for you when writing your novels the characters or the plot?

Both are equally important to me. A tale cannot begin or end without characters. The story just happens like the Karma in your life. I believe a famous poet once wrote that a man is the master of his ship. That being said he decides his own fate. Hence, you have a story, good or bad. When I combine characteristics to create a character I sometimes laugh out loud at his or her actions. I almost have a tendency to want to see the bad guy get smacked for his behavior toward others. Sometimes people will get so engrossed in the story that they write to you and tell you they hated the story because the bad guy was a jerk. Mission accomplished, the reader gave a great review and never realized how much she actually became involved in the story in the book.

The Black Witch

What does your writing routine look like? How has this routine changed from when you first started?

My writing routine is a story in itself. I write inside my head regardless of what I am doing because I am always on the prowl for some quirk someone has or maybe an unusual look about him, such as the way he or she is built or their manner of speech. A million things to decipher and possibly use in the future are always present. My routine has always been the same. I never know when I am going to sit down and deliver a story of some kind. Not all will go into a book at the time. But, it’s like anything in life; its time will come sooner than later. Has the routine changed, I dare say not.

Verliege (1)

What is the most memorable response you have had about your writing?

I received a five-star review of one of my books from a highly qualified reviewer. Her words were very humbling and I had no idea my writing had that kind of effect on her intellect. She gave me the kind of review I will hold forever in my memory. She knows who she is and thank you will never be enough.

Appalachia Mountain Folklore

.Which one of your characters (if any) would you invite to a party?

You are kidding, right? Hanging out with those people could get a guy arrested, or dead, take your pick. Seeing any of those people in one room mingling with your guest would cause a nervous breakdown. Except for one and he would be glad to give everybody advice while you listen to his life’s story. On the paranormal end of the party, I expect it would be very interesting..

Moonlight on the Nantahala

.What books and/or authors have most influenced your life?

Pick one. Almost all of any notoriety has had something special for someone to hang on to. Currently my favorite author in the Indie world is Glenn Starkey, a gentleman by all respects. He writes page-turners and I am ready for his next book. From the big six I have several. The classics are always at the top of the list with Voltaire, Poe, Dumas, Ellison, Faulkner, and Hemingway. These guys had style that is lost forever.

Can you tell us what is coming up for you and where can we find you online?

I have six books in the works at this time. One of them is out of my genre and for those who like a little history and adventure you may like this one. It will be a pleasant surprise to those who have read my work, not a single ghost in the story anywhere. The other five most likely be some more paranormal with more than a subtle twist to help you sleep with the lights on more often. The book entitled ‘Scratch” is based on a haunted house that has recently burned down much to some people’s satisfaction.

Thank you Belinda, I’ve enjoyed the chance to chat with you and your readers.

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I know you’ve been very busy and I thank you Micheal for taking a few moments to chat! To learn more about Micheal, please check out his links, not to mention his wonderful work!