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“I’ve had Belinda work on a number of my projects over the past couple of years. She is so easy to convey direction to, gets the job done as I envisioned and gets back to me on time. I hope to continue to use Belinda’s service for years to come.” Trish Robichaud,Maximum Life Coach, Disability Awareness Coach, Facilitator, Author, Motivational Speaker @ www.ChangingPaces.com

“Belinda is one of the most professional, creative and motivating people that I have ever worked with. She is a pleasure to partner with on any and all projects!” Jeff Cadwell, Radio Show Host, Conscious Choices Radio Show

“Belinda is an amazing graphic artist and a incredible social media guru. I hope as my business expands I will be fortunate to have her help again. Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative Claire Theriot Mestepey, Owner and Writer at Devotetees.com and TheCripClassified.com 

“Belinda Witzenhausen is an inspiration, not only to me, but to the thousands who admire her spirit and her mastery of the language. She is endlessly supportive and kind, and generously offers both of these qualities to her friends and admirers. I consider myself both. Keep doing what you do, Belinda. You make the world a better place!” Lora Fisher, Owner,Creative Director, Photographer, Writer at flaircreativ.net

Belinda Witzenhausen is one of the most creative professionals I know. If you doubt me check out the superb work on her collections of blogs for writers, authors, editors and other creative types. 

She leads by example and is quick to offer encouragement but not afraid to offer correction albeit in a pleasant, likable manner. I’ve asked Belinda to edit my work. Her editing services have been exemplary. She has a keen eye for detail and works to grasp the overarching objectives of the writer. 

I heartily endorse the work of Belinda Witzenhausen. She is a constant source of encouragement, a trait which writers so often need.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative Rich Weatherly, Author/Writer @ http://richweatherly.wordpress.com/

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“Belinda is a great writer with a fantastic ability to pull you in to whatever she writes.” Derek Fulton

“Belinda is passionate about life, writing and learning new things. She is original in her thoughts and creative talents. ” ~  Deborah Ann Taylor President / Business Manager / Virtual Assistant at AVA Business Services @ www.avabusinessservices.com